Ken Berwitz

The email scandal.  The email lies.

Even media\’s Hillary love – and it is as deep as the ocean – is not going to make this go away.

Excerpted from Paul Sperry\’s article in today\’s New York Post:

The State Department is lyingwhen it says it didn\’t know until it was too late that Hillary Clinton wasimproperly using personal e-mails and a private server to conduct officialbusiness – because it never set up an agency e-mail address for her in the firstplace, the department\’s former top watchdog says.

“This was all planned in advance” to skirt rules governingfederal records management, said Howard J. Krongard, who served as the agency\’sinspector general from 2005 to 2008.

The Harvard-educated lawyer points out that, from Day One,Clinton was never assigned and never used a e-mail address likeprevious secretaries.

“That\’s a change in the standard. It tells me that this waspremeditated. And this eliminates claims by the State Department that they wereunaware of her private e-mail server until later,” Krongard said in anexclusive interview. “How else was she supposed to do business without e-mail?”

I\’ve said this before and it bears repeating here:  for four years, Hillary Clinton\’s astonishing ineptitude – and, I\’m guessing, arrogance (“I don\’t have to bother with a government account, I\’ll use my own.  I\’m HILLARY CLINTON”) – provided anyone with even a moderate degree of hacking skills, from the nerdy high school kid down the block in Chappaqua to the Chinese, the Russians, the Iranians, and anyone other country with technology skills, a four year feast of the United States\’ most important classified secrets.

And why would anyone expect the State Department she ran not to be fully complicit . This is Queen Hillary we\’re talking about.

But keep lying Hillary.  It\’s not only your loyal, loving supporters (the New York Times gave you a wet-kiss endorsement just this morning);  everyone else believes you too.  Honest.

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