“Two’s company.  Three’s a crowd”

Ok, I admit that’s just an old saying.  In reality, a “crowd” can be more than three.  But how much more?  Is 50 a crowd?  100?  1,000?

With the above in mind, let me show you the first paragraph of Ben Nuckols’ article for the Associated Press:

Vice President Mike Pence told a crowd gathered Friday in Washington for the annual March for Life rally that ending taxpayer-funded abortion and choosing a Supreme Court justice who will uphold “God-given” liberties are among top priorities of the Trump administration.

That’s it?  A “crowd gathered…”?

The “crowd – no official estimate yet – is almost certain to be in the hundreds of thousands.  But if you read the AP article, you’d swear it was nothing more than the numbers you might find listening to a soapbox speaker in the park.

But ask them if they are biased and listen to what they say.  We all need a belly laugh once in a while.

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