Did you catch any of the speeches during Bill de Blasio’s inaugural as Mayor of New York City – including his own?

It was exactly what should have been expected, given Mr. de Blasio’s politics:  a feast of hard-line, far left rhetoric, complete with attack after attack on the Bloomberg administration, as outgoing three-term Mayor Mike Bloomberg sat in the audience stone-faced.  Here, look at this picture from the article into today’s Daily News and see for yourself:

NYC PAPERS OUT. Social media use restricted to low res file max 184 x 128 pixels and 72 dpi

One after the other, the leftists whined out their attacks, defined the city as a hellhole of class warfare, haves vs. have-nots, Black versus White, etc etc. etc. etc. etc.  A tidal wave of bile about what divides us, and instead of a promise to try to bring us together, a threat that, dammit, we’re all going to be equal, based on our definition of what equal means, whether you effing like it or not, pal.

So there you go.  After a 20 year period (8 under Rudy Giuliani, then 12 under Mr. Bloomberg) during which New York City cleaned up its act, dropped its murder rate by about 85% from its high under the last Democrat Mayor, David Dinkins (that is not a typo) and regained its pride and self-esteem…..the voters have put in office someone whose idea of how things should work is straight from the Dinkins era, when New York City had completed its devolution to the woeful state Giuliani and Bloomberg were handed.

I wish Bill De Blasio every success in making New York an even better place than it is….but I would be lying to say I have any expectation that he can do it.  Not after a start like this one.

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