Jorge Castaneda is a Mexican opposition figure who, at one time (2000-2003) was the country’s Secretary of Foreign Affairs.

He was also a marxist who claims – claims – to have moved at least some distance from communism…but whose tolerance for the United States rests entirely on our level of accommodation with Mexico, not the other way around.

Here, from Suzanne Gamboa’s article at NBC News, is Castaneda’s solution to the current impasse between President Trump and President Nieto, which he voiced to Chuck Todd on Friday’s “Meet The Press Daily”:

“Mexican national sentiment against an American bully is a very easy thing to awaken. A lot of us have worked hard over the last 25 years … to leave our Mexican resentments in the past … If Trump wants to really awaken this again, it’s right there to be awakened,” said Castañeda, now a New York University professor.

Asked to list retaliatory measures to Trump’s plans that he would recommend if he were still foreign minister, Castañeda said he’d recommend to first cease communications between American security, military and Drug Enforcement Administration personnel and their Mexican counterparts.

If that didn’t work, he said he’d force about 50 U.S. DEA agents in Mexico to leave and if that didn’t work, he’d look at Mexico has been doing since 2014 to reduce the flow of across Mexico’s southern border of Central Americans trying to get to the U.S.

“Frankly, I don’t see any reason why we should continue to do that. If kids in Central America want to seek asylum in the U.S., let them do so,” Castañeda said.

Got that?  Casteneda’s “solution” is to stop cooperation between the countries on the massive amount of illegal drugs flowing from Mexico to the USA, and then to stop cooperation on illegal immigration.

Let’s think about this.

What are the two issues that are most responsible for President Trump’s insistence that we build a wall?

-The drugs  which flow from Mexico to the United States.

-The millions of illegal aliens who come here through Mexico – either Mexican nationals or people from other countries who are allowed to pass through, as long as they don’t stop in Mexico, they continue across the US border.

So what is Castaneda’s solution?  That Mexico should make it easier for drugs and illegal aliens to come from Mexico to the United States.

In other words, this genius’s solution is to threaten us with more of exactly what we’re building the wall to prevent.

This makes sense?  That’s supposed to make us less insistent on building a wall?

Maybe to a “former” marxist with a chip on his shoulder.

But does it make sense to any rational human being?  Nope.

I hope, for Mexico’s sake, that President Nieto has better sources of advice than Jorge Castaneda.

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  • Well, maybe there IS an alternative to the US building a border wall.

    Instead, just require Mexico to MOVE THEIR Border Wall from Mexico’s SOUTHERN border to the US/Mexico border.

    Mexico’s southern border Wall is pretty effective. Coupled with the Federales gentle persuasion (beatings, shootings).

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