How rampant is sexual misbehavior in California state politics?

This rampant, according to the following excerpts from an article at CBS – Sacramento:

 “We have a whisper network you all know it. Because what everybody here knows is we have rapists here in this building. We have molesters among us,” said Christine Pelosi.

The head of the California Democratic Party’s Women’s Caucus says no one knows about those alleged abusers, because of a deficient system for reporting harassment.

“Isn’t that problematic,” said Vince Fong.

The problem, Assemblyman Vince Fong says, is the Capitol’s human resources department doesn’t record complaints of harassment involving current lawmakers.

Human resources administrators confirmed cases of misconduct are kept secret.

“Those records may have existed they don’t exist,” said one administrator.

The hearing comes two days after Assemblyman Raul Bocanegra, resigned. He was accused by seven staffers of groping and unwanted advances.

State Sen. Tony Mendoza was stripped of his leadership positions at the state’s powerful banking committee. His former interns say he behaved inappropriately at work-related outings.

One of them, just 19 at the time, shared her story with lawmakers.

Tell me:  if Bocanegra and Mendoza…or the other “rapists” and “molesters”…were Republicans, what would media be making of it?  What would they say about a state Human Resources function that “doesn’t record complaints of harassment involving current lawmakers”? 

FYI, California’s current political makeup includes a Democrat Governor, two Democrat U.S. Senators, a 27-13 Democrat majority in the state senate, a 55-25 Democrat majority in the state assembly, and a 39-14 Democrat majority in congress.

So who gets blamed for this culture of rape/molestation and the inability of victims to be heard?  Republicans?  Donald Trump?

Are Republicans capable of rape and molestation?  Yes, of course they are.  And when it happens I will be the first to blame the ones doing it.  I have no partisan horse in this race.

But if we’re talking about California, we’re talking about Democrats.  They run the show at every level.

Maybe they can take time out from their busy schedule of putting out “sanctuary city” welcome mats and moving secession plans along, to take care of this trifling little matter…..

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