From Anthony Man’s article at the South Florida Sun-Sentinel, detailing his interview with Debbie Wasserman Schultz regarding the huge – and growing – awan scandal:

In February, Wasserman Schultz said, chiefs of staffs for members of Congress were told that Awan was under investigation and his access to the House network was suspended. House payroll records show that multiple members of Congress terminated Awan quickly, early in February.

Instead of firing him, Wasserman Schultz said her office worked with the House chief administration officer to develop a job description that “would allow him to continue to do work … until such time as there were other charges brought or we had some evidence that there was something that was produced that warranted further action.”

Even without access to the IT network, Wasserman Schultz said, “there are plenty of technological issues that an IT person can assist with. He didn’t have access to the network, but he was able to give us guidance and advice and troubleshoot on a wide variety of other technological issues.” IT isn’t limited to computer network issues, she said; it includes phones, printers, the website and helping people with software.

“I had grave concerns about his due process rights being violated,” she said. “When their investigation was reviewed with me, I was presented with no evidence of anything that they were being investigated for. And so that, in me, gave me great concern that his due process rights were being violated. That there were racial and ethnic profiling concerns that I had,” she said.


There was enough there for dozens of other Democrats to drop the awans (three brothers and several other family members) on the spot.  But Debbie Wasserman Schultz?  Keep paying him to do what amounts to the IT version of low-end grunt work for months afterwards, and only can him when he was caught fleeing the country after wiring almost $300,000 ahead to Pakistan.

Her logic – no evidence – a load of BS – and the one-size-fits-all intimation that this might be a case of racial and ethnic (anti-Muslim) prejudice – which, in fact does have no evidence.

This leads to the obvious questions:  what is Debbie Wasserman Schultz, a serial liar (ask Bernie Sanders) hiding?  What do the awans have over her?  What does she know and when did she know it?’

And the one final question:  when the HELL are mainstream media going start covering this scandal?  Ever?

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  • Debbie Wasserman Schultz, a serial liar (ask Bernie Sanders)

    Exactly right, She has proven to be a liar. She lied about helping Clinton win the nomination until the emails came out, then she just resigned from the DNC and went to work at the Clinton campaign.

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