This latest installment of the Real Racism series is directly related to the Michael Brown protests.  Read this excerpt from an article posted on the Candadian Broacasting Company (CBS) web site and see how it manifests itself:

Asuggestion that white and non-black protesters limit their visibilityand “stand behind black folks” at protests Tuesday inOttawa and Toronto against the fatal shooting of a black teen inFerguson, Mo., has sparked a heated debate on social media.

BilanArte, one of the Ottawa event organizers, says on the vigil\’sFacebook page that “white/non black allies” should “refrainfrom taking up space” and “never be the centre ofanything.”

Thesame message appeared verbatim on the Facebook page for the Torontorally, asking whites and non-blacks not to speak to the media, saying”black voices are crucial to this.”

Arte\’spost prompted more than 100 comments, with one man asking, “Isthis an anti-racist rally or a pro-segregation one?”

Arte,deputy chairwoman with the Canadian Federation of Students, says onher own Facebook page that she\’s received upward of 50 messagesfrom “righteous upset white people” taking issue with thepost.

PaigeJackson and Rebecca Macintyre, who are both white, were among thehundreds of protesters who gathered outside the U.S. Consulate inToronto on Tuesday night. They told CBC News they had no problemletting black demonstrators take centre stage.

“Forus, it\’s really important to come up and show our solidarity and makesure black voices are leading this — that their feelings andopinions are front and centre for everything happening here. We\’rejust here to show support and be allies.” 

“Thebest allies we can be,” added Macintyre. “It\’s not aboutus. It\’s about showing solidarity with people whose lives areaffected by Ferguson – and that\’s not really us. That\’s not reallywhite people.” 

What astounding irony.

 A protest against a supposedly racist police action that is set up in an overtly racist way.  And two imbeciles among the protesters (no doubt there are more) who, when put in a subordinate position based solely on their race, tell us that it\’s just fine with them – as they protest exactly what is being done to them.

Real racism. It comes in all forms, from all sources. No group is immune to it, or from it. Certainly not people who, by their actions, make it 100% clear they are just fine with racism…as long as it is on their terms.

Amazing, isn\’t it, how much racism emanates from people who profess to be against racism.

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