…one of the internet giants, like Google, Facebook or Twitter, make a “mistake” that shuts down or suspends a liberal/left wing website instead of a conservative one.

I ask this, because I can list out a bunch of conservative/right wing sites that have had the wood put to them, but rarely, if ever, have I seen this done to any liberal/left wing sites.

If the idea is to give virtually unfettered access to material from on side, while censoring/suppressing lots of material from the other side, they’re doing a damn good job of it.

Do you need me to tell you that Google, Facebook and Twitter are all run by people (Google:  Eric Schmidt/Sundar Pichai, Facebook: Mark Zuckerberg, Twitter: Jack Dorsey) on the liberal/left side of things?

I didn’t think so.

Let me end with this description/condemnation from an article by Glenn Harlan Reynolds, writing for USA Today:

Since its 1990s heyday, Silicon Valley has transformed from an unruly collection of aggressive upstarts disrupting existing industries to a flabby collection of near-monopolies, now busy enforcing gentry-liberal norms on their employees and customers. Whether it’s censoring right-leaning political figures, or firing employees who dare say something truthful but politically incorrect, there’s not much of the old startup spirit there. These are flabby overstaffed Big Business corporations, run by their HR departments. You might find more dynamism at General Motors, these days.

But worse yet, they exercise tremendous power and require tremendous trust.  When you use Facebook or Google (or Twitter, or Amazon, or Netflix) you’re sharing a lot of data with a company that you have to trust won’t abuse that. It’s much harder to trust a company that has decided to aggressively pursue thoughtcrime. And it doesn’t matter where you are on the political spectrum – Damore describes himself as a centrist. But it only takes one politically incorrect utterance, as so many in academia have learned, to achieve Enemy Of The People status. And then, apparently, you’re fair game.

Yep.  My only disagreement is with that claim about it not mattering where you are on the political spectrum.

Again – show me the liberal/left wing sites that have been targeted and I’ll happily blog them, along with an apology for being wrong.


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