Apparently it is not enough that ObamaCare forces every policyholder to pay for contraception services.  If you don’t use those services, it also makes it difficult to add a newborn child to their coverage.

Can this possibly be?  Well, read the following excerpt from Ricardo Alonzo-Zalvidar’s article for the Associated Press, and you tell me:

There’s another quirk in the Obama administration’s new health insurance system: It lacks a way for consumers to quickly and easily update their coverage for the birth of a baby and other common life changes.

With regular private insurance, parents just notify the health plan. Insurers will still cover new babies, the administration says, but parents will also have to contact the government at some point later on.

Right now the HealthCare.gov website can’t handle such updates.

It’s a reminder that the new coverage for many uninsured Americans comes with a third party in the mix: the feds. And the system’s wiring for some vital federal functions isn’t yet fully connected.

Unbelievable? No, ObamaCarnage.

And this unworkable monstrosity is what DNC Chair Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, along with assorted other delusionaries (Rep. Frank Pallone comes to mind) think Democrats are going to proudly run on in their 2014 election campaigns?

Yeah, right.  And Rachel Maddow is leaving MSNBC to become a housekeeper for the Duck Dynasty family.

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