Ken Berwitz

I have always had the greatest respect for Lester Holt, current anchor of NBC Nightly News.  But his question to Hillary Clinton, aired on last night\’s broadcast, is forcing me to rethink.

Here it is:

“I want toask you about a moment at the town hall the other day. A young man, a BernieSanders supporter, stood up and said young people don\’t trust you. And when he said that I winced. And I was wondering,you\’ve obviously been in tough  battles, political battles, but do you getyour feelings hurt sometimes?”

And his next question?

“What frustrates you the most about perceptions aboutyou?” 

A newsman would be asking Ms. Clinton “How do you feel about what that young man said”.  Or “Now, after having days to reflect on that young man\’s question, would you change your answer to him in any way – if so, how?”.

A supporter would be mentioning that the question made him wince, then asking if Ms. Clinton\’s feelings are hurt, then giving her a chance to vent about how frustrating people\’s perceptions of her are – the implication being that she knows they have it wrong.

Lester Holt mentioned that the question made him wince, then asked if Ms. Clinton\’s feelings were hurt, then gave her the chance to vent.

See my problem?

The Republican Party disassociated itself from NBC News last week – it pulled the February 26th debate scheduled for that day and handed it to CNN (which hardly is a friend of Republicans either).  The RNC\’s reason was that NBC was not neutral, not just partisan to a degree, but much further down the line.

If NBC wants to find a way of reinstating itself as a venue Republicans can hope to get a fair shake from – or anything close – maybe having its news anchor avoid commentary which clearly shows his sympathy for the Democrat front-runner, as if she were a BFF, would be a good place to start.

Dya think?

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