I am listening to John Kerry’s speech- in which he insists Israel go to its 1967 borders, and, from the sound of it, somehow compensate Arabs who claim a “right of return” to Israel….after most of their ancestors fled the land only because the invading Arab armies assured them they would wipe out the Jews and drive them into the sea.

All of this would be done on a promise from Israel’s enemies, with their charter which explicitly calls for the end of Israel and genocide of Jews everywhere, that they’ll be nice.

Yasir Arafat could have written this load of horseshit.

I did not vote for Donald Trump.  But I cannot wait for him to take office.


  • John Kerry is a f——-joke and so is NOBAMA.
    May they both rot in hell. I did vote for Trump and I am counting down the days he takes office. He gets it.
    NOBAMA is to busy giving pardons to drug dealers and screwing up everything he touches. He is going out of office and laving a long trail of shit in his wake

  • I wonder if the people who support the “palestinians” [Arabs in Gaza, Judea and Samaria] realize that in this country they want that NO JEWS are allowed???
    How on earth do you support an entity that has that as one of its goals to achieving statehood???
    We [I] know what that says about them, what does it say about you???
    The entire world should cut off all aid to hamas and fatah.
    Supporting those groups is not just wrong but immoral.

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