I have always assumed that bias is so ingrained in some media people, they don\’t even know when they\’re displaying it for everyone to see.

Yesterday morning, CNN\’s John King provided us a classic example of this phenomenon, with his commentary at the end of his “Inside Edition” show.

Here is what he said – in rust, with my comments in blue:

Democrats may roll their eyes – go ahead – but the Hillary Clinton private emails controversy now has new legs.  Ok so far.  Yep.  Democrats might well roll their eyes over the fact that – I\’d call it the continuation of this controversy\’s legs, you\’d call it new legs, but that\’s just a minor carp.
The Democratic front-runner has only herself to blame.   Very true.

After the House Select Benghazi Committee released some new emails this past week, the Obama State Department was forced to admit it was not in possession of some Clinton emails that clearly discuss Department business.  Correct again.    

Now you might recall Secretary Clinton, a few months ago, had promised that she had turned everything that belonged in the government files over to the government before she erased her private email server.  That she did.

Now Republicans are saying, now that we know a few emails are missing, who\’s to say dozens and dozens aren\’t missing.  That they are. 

Now let\’s be clear.  There\’s zero proof of that.  But the flip side is Secretary Clinton can\’t definitively prove there aren\’t additional things that should have been turned over to the government that were not.  She can\’t prove that because she erased her private email server without any independent supervision. Congratulations, John.  You got through more than half of your commentary by stating facts in a non-partisan way.  Too bad that is about to come to a thudding halt.

Now, will some Republicans blow this out of proportion or wander into the land of conspiracy theory?   Perhaps. Probably.   So ends neutrality, and so ends even the slightest doubt about bias.  How do you know that if Republicans say this it will be out of proportion?  You\’re a professional newsperson…at least that is what your title implies.  How can the fact that Hillary Clinton – “without any independent supervision” – erased emails about an event of such magnitude that it could take down her presidential bid, not cause you to wonder – make that strongly suspect – this was more than a random “whoopsie”?  Do you mean to tell us that, in your mind, the only possibilities are that Republicans are going to make too much out of it (i.e. there\’s nothing there) and/or engage in some conspiracy theory?  Nothing at all about the possibility that it was a purposeful act on Hillary Clinton\’s part and the emails would tell us things she didn\’t want us to know?  To say your partisanship is showing would be a redundancy. 

But as Democrats accuse them of being partisan or reckless, it\’s worth remembering this:  this would not be an issue if Secretary Clinton hadn\’t erased her email server and wouldn\’t be an issue at all if she followed the wishes of her boss, President Obama, about how to handle cabinet-level emails.  Asking again, John:  How do you know that?  How do you know there was no issue – i.e. those emails did not contain incriminating information that Ms. Clinton intentionally destroyed so it would not be seen?  You don\’t even consider this possibility.  You just assume that Republicans have no valid reason to suspect her.  Why?  Based on Hillary Clinton\’s sterling record of truth-telling over the years?

I rest my case.

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