Big enough to be the lead story – with major, multifaceted coverage – on all three network news shows.

Whatever Trump’s chances of winning were at the beginning of the day, they are materially better now.


UPDATE:  Hillary Clinton is going to make some kind of statement, we are told, in the next few minutes about this.  In about a half hour I’m going out for the evening with my wife…so I’m hoping she says something before we leave so I can comment on it.

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  • It was ILLEGAL to destroy ANY emails when you are a government employee — that includes Secretaries of State.
    The PRESENT Attorney General has invoked the Fifth Amendment to avoid testifying on her official acts.
    Obama’s PREVIOUS IRS Director pleaded the Fifth and then resigned, rather than testify on her official acts.

    Neither this administration’s, nor Hillary’s actions warrant retention in the nation’s leadership …. or in any employment in the public sector.

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