Excellent piece by powerlineblog.com’s Paul Mirengoff, on Hillary Clinton’s continuing, unrelenting, propensity to lie:

This evening in Iowa, Hillary Clinton made a brief statement to the press about the FBI’s decision to reopen its criminal investigation into her email scandal. She even deigned to take three questions.

The best question, as is almost always the case, was a simple factual one: Have you spoken to Huma Abedin about this development? Clinton did not answer. Instead, she said she doesn’t know any more than anyone else about the matter.

Like virtually every utterance Clinton makes, this statement is false. Abedin reportedly is traveling with Clinton. Regardless of whether she is, there can be no doubt that as soon as Team Clinton got the news about the investigation (apparently, they learned about it only upon landing in Iowa) — and certainly before speaking to the press — she asked her closest aide what might be of interest to the FBI on her device and those of her husband. These, after all, are the devices the discovery of which reportedly has prompted the reopening of the investigation that has rocked the Clinton campaign.

From Abedin, Clinton must have learned more than the rest of us know about what has piqued the FBI’s interest. Her claim to be totally in the dark surely is a lie.

Any doubt at all that Mr. Mirengoff is on target here?

Sometimes I wonder if Hillary Clinton lies so often about so many things that she even knows when she’s lying anymore.

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  • So – the FBI reopens the Mail-Gate investigation. . . . . . . . with all the subpoena’ed laptops, smartphones, etc no longer in FBI possession, but rather hammered to shreds. Literally — physically destroyed.

    And Hillie’s testimony was NOT under oath, was NOT recorded, was not conducted or witnessed by the FBI director.

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