Syndicated columnist David Limbaugh (yes, he is Rush Limbaugh’s brother) has written an absolutely excellent column on racism – specifically the feeling of so many on the left that they have free rein to engage in racism, since they’re “the good guys”.

Here is a small excerpt, which references the disgusting comments made by Melissa Harris-Perry and her “panel” about Mitt Romney’s adopted Black grandchild:

For all the talk about diversity from the left, there is no such thing. Diversity of ideas and thoughts is absolutely forbidden. March in lock step with leftist thinking, or else. It wouldn’t matter if we had a black Republican president and most of his Cabinet and other appointees were black or if we also had a majority of black Republicans in Congress. As long as they remained Republican, they wouldn’t be regarded by the left as authentic blacks, and the GOP’s presumed racism wouldn’t be slightly mitigated.

For racially exploitive leftists, politics trumps everything, and thus they exempt themselves from the rules of common civility that normally inhibit decent people from doing such reprehensible things as using an innocent young black child as fodder for a cheap laugh — and as a means for a television personality to further ingratiate herself to the self-congratulatory left. After receiving blowback, Harris-Perry tweeted an apology to the Romney family, but the assumptions and presumptions leading to the incident in the first place doubtlessly remain in this type of leftist mindset…

Do yourself a major favor and read not just the above excerpt, but Mr. Limbaugh’s entire piece.  He has something important to say – something I have written about many times over the years, but he has encapsulated particularly well.

How I wish the people Limbaugh is talking about would read it and think about it, as well.

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