Ken Berwitz

Didyou ever hear the yiddish sarcasm “di kale iz tsu sheyn”?  I\’dbet that most readers probably have not. 

Literallytranslated, it means “the bride is too pretty”.  But, used as asarcasm (which it always is), the expression refers to someone who finds afault/problem in anything, no matter how positive.

Withthis in mind, here is the beginning of Paul Mirengoff\’s latest blog, about an attack on Chris Christie by the WashingtonPost:

Chris Christie\’s presidentialcampaign is enjoying a mini-revival, so the Washington Post needed to find newfault with the New Jersey governor. But how? It has already examined his high school baseball career, and the Bridge affair is old news.

Thus, the Post turned to Christie\’stime as U.S. Attorney in New Jersey and his claim that, in this capacity, hehelped combat terrorism. Post reporter Frances Stead Sellers writes:

The tough-on-terror messageappears to be resonating in New Hampshire, where polling shows Christie movingup and now tied for second place behind GOP front-runner Donald Trump. ButChristie\’s recent remarks on his counterterrorism experience are also promptingbacklash, particularly among supporters of his political rivals, who note thatChristie was much better known for battling public corruption than for fightingterrorism when he was a U.S. attorney.

Why might Christie be better knownfor battling public corruption than terrorism as U.S. Attorney in New Jersey?Here\’s a wild guess: there was more public corruption than terrorist activityin New Jersey (at least when George W. Bush was president).

Youread this, you have to do a  double-take. 

ChrisChristie, who – at least at one time – both sides of the aisle respected as afearless prosecutor who went after corruption regardless of who was in hiscrosshairs, is being attacked because his prosecutorial experience exceeded hiscounterterrorism experience. 

Whatis the point of this attack?  That Christie should not have been asaggressive in prosecuting corruption as he was?  In NEW JERSEY? That\’s like criticizing a shore community for worrying too much aboutplacing lifeguards on the beach during the summer.

 Ifthe Washington Post, and countless other supposedly neutral media venues, everwent after Hillary Clinton\’s thirty-plus year record of non-accomplishment andscandal with one tenth the vigor they go after Republicans, there would be noHillary Clinton running for office today.  

 Don\’thold your breath waiting for that to happen.  Too much fun going afterChris Christie for being an effective prosecutor.

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