There is “good” news about gun violence in Chicago – home of, arguably, the most stringent gun control laws of any major city in the country.

Shootings are down this year.

There have been 1,954 shootings so far, and a tiny little matter of 331 fatalities – with almost all the shooters and victims from minority communities (about 84% of the victims were Black, 13% Hispanic and less than 4% White).

Why do I put “good” in quotation marks?  Because while it is good that the numbers are down from previous years, that is still 1,954 shot and 331 dead.

Remember the mass shootings in El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio?  Reomember that media told you everything they could find about the shooter and his victims in El Paso – where they tied his “manifesto” to Donald Trump, even though it specifically said Trump had nothing to do with his actions?  Remember how news about Dayton was also big…until it became known that the shooter was a left wing Elizabeth Warren supporter?

But, for some reason, you rarely ever hear about Chicago…

…and that the carnage there takes place despite its strict gun control laws…

…and that the vast majority of shootings are gang-related, which almost certainly means the guns were illegally obtained and the shooters were not members of the NRA.

Why do you suppose?

Can it be that these deaths – these mostly Black and Latino deaths – don’t matter a bit to left wing activists or their complicit media, because they can’t be blamed on gun control laws or the NRA?

You tell me.

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