…they might want to read the following excerpts from Suzie Khimm’s article for NBC News, via

The coronavirus patients began arriving the last week of March, transferred to the Gurwin Jewish Nursing and Rehabilitation Center under a New York state mandate requiring nursing homes to accept those recovering from COVID-19, even if they still might be contagious.

At the time, the Long Island nursing home had only one known resident who had contracted the virus, according to the facility’s president and CEO, Stuart Almer.

A month later, Gurwin is battling an outbreak that’s killed 24 residents — only three of whom were hospital transfers — and one staff member, who worked in housekeeping, Almer said. And the nursing home is still mandated to take in recovering hospital patients known to have the virus, potentially increasing its spread in the facility.

“We can’t say for sure” whether the virus has spread because of the patients transferred under the state mandate, Almer said. “But it’s certainly not helping the situation.”

Let me start by congratulating Ms. Khimm and NBC News.  These days, articles that do anything but build a hagiographical profile for Governor Cuomo are pretty hard to come by.

That said, is Mr. Cuomo still the Governor of New York State?  I think he is.

And, as Governor, how could he, and/or Department of Health Commissioner Howard Zucker (the guy I see on TV all the time, just like Cuomo) force nursing homes – nursing homes of all places, filled with elderly, infirm people; the most vulnerable population segment of all, to take in highly contagious COVID-19 sufferers?  What did they think would happen?

How could some other arrangement not have been thought up and implemented?

Remember all those extra hospital beds that were set up in the blink of an eye, and never had to be used?  Isn’t THIS a reason to use them?

Look, I greatly admire Andrew Cuomo’s ability to sit in front of media explaining what he is doing in an articulate, understandable way.  And I admire his candor in discussing the good and the bad about what is happening.  In that regard, Mr. Cuomo leaves President Trump so far in the dust that he’s barely visible.

But this mandate, which was put in effect on March 25th, when we KNEW the dangers of COVID-19, has nothing to do with Governor Cuomo’s communications skills.

He has a lot to answer for here…most especially to families of the victims at Gurwin.

Will our media, ever vigilant to nail Trump with anything and everything, even when it doesn’t exist (like, for example, the claim that he suggested disinfectant be injected into people’s bodies, even though all he did was ask whether it was feasible), be demanding answers about this?

Maybe they will.  But I wouldn’t bet a nickel on it.

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  • Isn’t one of things the “experts” have been pushing since the beginning is age doesn’t make a difference, we are all at risk? It is highly contagious and highly deadly were the words they used. Have they changed that official position?
    Aren’t most of the people that are OK with killing babies also OK with killing the elderly?

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