Ana Navarro is, at least on paper, a “Republican”.  But, like her counterpart at MSNBC, Stephen Schmidt”, she retains the claim of being one while attacking pretty much everything Republicans do.

Well, yesterday she outdid herself, by putting up the following tweet:

This, as you may be aware, is a play on the words of Lutheran Pastor Martin Niemöller’s poignant statement attacking nazis.    Niemöller, initially pro-nazi and anti-Semitic, spent 7 years in jail for voicing sentiments such at these.

But today?  We have we have Ana Navarro, the “Republican”, likening Donald Trump and his people to nazis – and, ironically, misspelling the name of the one actual Jew in her diatribe, (Rod) Rosenstein, in the process.

I’ll bet that wows ’em at J Street, the supposedly pro-Israel organization which never seems able to find a thing Israel does right or that Palestinian Arabs do wrong.

But for people like me – and I doubt I’m alone – it’s just stupid, obnoxious, and disrespectful to every holocaust victim.

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