Today is the one-year anniversary of President Obama – acting without notification to congress, which he was legally bound to do – trading deserter bowe bergdahl for five senior taliban commandos.

As you may remember, those taliban murderers were sent to Qatar, supposedly monitored for a year…after which they were free to go wherever they cared to and do whatever they cared to do.  In other words, as of today, this great “deal\’ allows them the freedom to kill again.

In the previous blog, I noted that Beau Biden served in the military with honor and distnction, which he most certainly did.

Susan Rice, the disgusting liar who Mr. Obama sends out to insult our intelligence, rationalized the trade by stating that bergdahl, – a deserter who members of our military apparently died trying to find after he abandoned his post, leaving his fellow soldiers at risk – “served the United States with honor and distinction”.

By doing so, rice – acting as mouthpiece for her boss – equated bowe bergdahl with Beau Biden.  I don\’t have the words to describe how offensive, how repulsive, how sickening that is.

What I do know is that five murdering lunatics President Obama unilaterally released to get bowe bergdahl, are now free to kill again, before bergdahl spends so much as one day in jail for his desertion.

There are still almost 20 months left to this nightmare of an administration. How I wish we could fast-forward time.

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