I\’ll make this short and sweet.

The blogosphere – mostly the conservative part of it – is attacking President Obama because the security necessary for him to play a round of golf at in Hawaii meant that a couple, both members of the military, had to postpone their wedding.

Excerpted from Dylan Stableford\’s piece at yahoo.com:

NatalieHeimel and her fiance, Edward Mallue Jr., both captains in the Army,were scheduled to be married Sunday near the 16th hole at KaneoheKlipper Golf Course, located on the Marine Corps Base Hawaii.

Knowingthe Obamas spend their Christmas vacation there, the pair had invitedthe president to attend their ceremony. Not surprisingly, theyreceived a letter on Saturday morning from the White House saying thecommander in chief regretfully could not attend and wishing themwell. More troubling, however, was when hours later, during theirwedding rehearsal, the couple was informed they\’d have to move theceremony because the president was playing there.

Sounds terribly insensitive, doesn\’t it?  Especially since a poll released last week showed support for President Obama among members of the military at a staggeringly low 15%.

But I\’m not so sure about this one.

I do not know whether the President was advised of the wedding beforehand, or just plain didn\’t know.  It\’s not the kind of thing that necessarily would have been brought to his attention.

And, in any event, the article goes on to say that Mr. Obama personally called the couple to apologize for what had happened.

My conclusion?  Unless further information shows otherwise, this was unintentional…and President Obama was very gracious to make that call.

End of “issue” (if it was one in the first place).  Let\’s worry about the big stuff, ok?

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