Yesterday, acting on a tip, police surveilled a cabin in rural Cecilville, California.  According to the police spokesperson I heard this morning, they waited for tad cummins, the 50 year old teacher who spent the last month on the run with 15 year old elizabeth thomas, to emerge from the cabin.

When he did – ahead of thomas, who he had no problem walking with his back to her – cummins was arrested.

Anyone who thinks that this was a kidnapping, with elizabeth thomas being dragged along kicking and screaming, has a remarkable sense of illogic.

This does not mean that tad cummins is innocent.  Statutory rape is just one of the charges he can – and, I am sure, will – be charged with.  He deserves everything that is coming to him.

But don’t insult my intelligence by telling me his 15 year old companion didn’t willingly go along for the ride.


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