From Charles C. Johnson of gotnews.com, we have this:

TheNew York Times journalist who published Darren Wilson’s homeaddress wants police protection and has been calling the policenonstop, Gotnews.com has learned.

JulieBosman “keeps calling the 020th District station complainingabout people harassing and threatening her,” our source told us.She’s also “complaining about numerous food deliveries being sentto her residence.”

Chicagopolice department sources alerted Gotnews.com about the glaringdouble standard on Friday.

Gotnews.compublished JulieBosman\’s address in Chicago after she published the address ofOfficer Darren Wilson and his new wife in a widely criticized move.

I cannot vouch for Mr. Johnson or the veracity of this report.  But if it is true, I have two things to say about it:

1) Publishing her address (and the address of her co-writer on the story) stinks.  It should not be done.

2) But if it is going to be done to someone, these people are the ones who should be first on the list. 

To Ms. Bosman: a taste of your own medicine isn\’t very pleasant, is it? 

But look at the bright side:  however many unordered pizzas, and however many threats, are made to you, they will be small potatoes compared to the danger you put Officer Wilson in. 

Aren\’t you the lucky one?

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