White supremacists descended on Charlottesville for a “rally”.

They were immediately, aggressively challenged by angry protesters on the other side – exactly what the White supremacists were hoping for.

An insane fracas then took place, which included a hate-filled lunatic ramming his car into the protesters (one dead, 19 injured) and a police helipcopter – which would not have been there had this not happened – crashing/killing two police officers.

Donald Trump and Mike Pence quickly, clearly condemned the actions of these haters.

But they both will now be called racists.

By whom?

In large part by the same leftists, academics and media (a lot of cross-identity here) who had little or no problem with the “antifa” rioters and their ongoing campaign of hatred and violence, which preceded – and almost certainly encouraged – this ugly chapter in our history.

Count on it.

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  • What will you say if it turns out that Fields isn’t a white supremacist?
    And the peaceful crowd as described by the media in fact wasn’t peaceful and attacked his car before he drove into the crowd?

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