Here, pulled from an incredulously written article at thelid.com, is a Q&A between the hard-left, Ronan Farrow, who hosts a virtually unwatched afternoon show on (where else?) MSNBC, and Philip Agnew, a Black activist and Executive Director of something called Dream Defenders, who is one of the organizers of a day that students will walk out of class (just what students need – one less day of learning) in remembrance of Michael Brown (whose actions may have been the cause of why he was shot – we still do not know):

Farrow:And we\’re still looking at those live images of people streamingout of the church. Very emotional people. We saw people leaping totheir feet angrily, sometimes euphoric at the prospect of change butalso still a lot of anger there, and we\’ve seen that on the streets.Philip, with so much rage surrounding this, how do you prevent theseprotests you\’re planning from turning violent?

Agnew:Well, first, I take issue with calling it rage. I think this iswell-placed anger, disappointment, disenchantment with an aggressivemilitarized police force and with the apathetic government.

Letme ask you this. If I give you flour, if I give you eggs, I give youwater, I give you milk, will you have a turkey sandwich? No, you havecake. And so the recipe is there. You have no jobs. You\’ve got noopportunity. You have got low educational opportunities. And then youcombine that with that militarized police force that\’s quelling uppeople who have righteous anger over something anybody should beangry over. I don\’t consider it rage at all. I consider itwell-placed anger. I think youth around the country are going toconduct themselves in a very orderly manner because that is ournature. It\’s only turned violent when the police were in the, whenthe police in the community, when the police were aggressive, andwhen they came through a regular city block with tanks like they werein Afghanistan.

Farrow: Right. You make an importantpoint about the recipe there, in that community and in so manycommunities around the country. Rage, anger, something that\’s aninevitable product.

Are you following this?  If so, you must be part leftist, part apologist and have a mind that spent a lot of time inside a funhouse mirror.

Did I miss something?  Was an investigation completed that showed Michael Brown was a victim rather than an aggressor?  Did his death have anything to do with lack of jobs and opportunity – or could the man who has been President for the past 5 1/2 years – every one of them with a senate majority – possibly bear a bit of the responsibility?  How about the Governor of Missouri?  Was Ferguson “very orderly” when the police took action, or was there rioting and looting in the streets? 

And is it surprising in the least that the hapless, hopeless Ronan Farrow would act like a human bobblehead doll for this gibberish and obediently, obeisantly agree about the “the recipe there”?

If this is what is being presented as intelligent discourse at MSNBC – which a) it is, and b) Ronan Farrow is not the only one providing it, that explains a lot about why the network\’s ratings are scraping the bottom of the barrel.

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