With special thanks to Rachel Stoltzfoos of dailycaller.com, I have just read a fascinating analysis of Black staff members, put together by the Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies.

Here is a key segment – the bold print at the end is mine:

In December 2015, there were 336 top Senate staffers (Chiefs of Staff, Legislative Directors, Communications Directors, and Staff Directors), but only 24 staffers of color–12 Asian Americans, 7 Latinos, 3 African Americans, and 2 Native Americans.

Currently, of the 39 Staff Directors of full Senate Committees (both Majority and Minority), none are Latino or African American.

This is a problem for both Democrats and Republicans. For example, although African Americans account for 22% of Democratic voters, they account for less than 1% of Democratic top staff. Of the 5 Black top staffers in the U.S. Senate, only one is a Democrat (the other four are Republicans). Democrats have:

  •    No African-American Chiefs of Staff
  •    No African-American Communications
  •    Directors
  •    No African-American Staff Directors
  •    Only one African-American Legislative    Director

Black people generally give over 90% of their votes to Democrats.  And, based on these data, they have about as good a chance of Democrats giving them influential staff jobs as I have of being named head of the Palestinian Authority.

By contrast, Republicans, who are lucky to get near double figures of Black voters, have hired 80% of the Senate’s Black top staffers.  If that is true now, how do you think they would do if Black voters gave them the time of day?

That’s worth thinking about.

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