I just put on The Today Show.

Its lead story is that the “caravan” of people from central America, which Mexico has given free passage to so they can try to illegally enter the United States, is still being prevented from doing so.

NBC’s correspondent, Miguel Almaguer, describes it as “the end of a desperate journey”.

But that is not true.

If the argument is that they were desperate to get out of the hellhole countries of Latin America – the ones NBC and Mr. Almaguer never seem to get around to attack for being what they are – the desperation part was over the minute they crossed into Mexico.

So what is the problem?  It is that Mexico does not want them.  Mexico is only willing to let them in…if they are on their way out.

Whether we are talking about Central American refugees or its native population, no country in the world comes close to rivaling Mexico as a willing conduit for illegal aliens to come into the USA.

Is it that Mexico is a principled country that does not believe borders should be an issue?  Absolutely not.  One look at Mexico’s laws – and enforcement level – for illegal aliens would tell you otherwise.

No, the reason is very simple.  It is that Mexico does not give a damn about these people, or our laws, or our sovereignty.

What a great neighbor.

Personally, I wish no ill upon the people who have fled places like Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador to seek a better life.  If I were in their situation I would flee too.

But, they point is, they have fled.  They are out.  They are in Mexico.  But, instead of Mexico receiving them and embracing them for humanitarian purposes, its government, instead, gives them free passage across the entire country….so they will leave on the other side (i.e. our border).

In other words, “You’re welcome in Mexico….as long as you keep moving until you’re out of Mexico”.

And why should we be surprised?  Isn’t that the same attitude that has resulted in about 10% of the entire Mexican population crossing our border, whether legally or illegally, to come to the USA?

If Mexico’s government is that willing to get rid of its own people, that indifferent to them, why should we expect more when it comes to refugees from Central America?

And who is more of a facilitator for Mexico’s disagraceful actions than our media?

I’ve asked this many times, and I’m asking again: when have you ever seen or heard our media attack either the countries these people have fled, or Mexico, which they have fled to?

Why is the USA the only country under attack for this situation. Isn’t the USA the country they’re trying to get into, not out of?  How is it that we are the ones doing things wrong?

When do our media – maybe Miguel Almaguer could start the ball rolling – attack the countries these people have run from?  Or the country – Mexico – they have gotten to that doesn’t want any part of them?

Do you think that will happen any time soon – as it damn well should?

Me neither.

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