Remember when Democrats were all over then-candidate Donald Trump for claiming the election was being rigged and, when asked if he would accept the result of the election, saying he’d wait and see?

Well, despite Democrats’, and media’s, best efforts (and boy did they work at it) Donald Trump won the election.  And by plenty too – an electoral landslide.

So what have Democrats, those nice folks demanding acceptance of and respect for the vote, done since?

We both know the answer.

And now, unable to win with the voters, and with the Mueller “investigation” apparently turning up nothing, they are trying to take down the Trump administration in the courts.

This brings us to today’s excellent editorial in the Boston Herald, which skewers the Democrat Party for doing just that.

Here is the first part (but click here to read the rest as well):

Who said the Democratic Party is out of ideas? After failing to raise any significant money with the wall-to-wall hysterical coverage networks like CNN have afforded Dems, they are moving their efforts over to Court TV.

And so the Democratic National Committee on Friday sued President Trump’s campaign, Donald Trump Jr., Jared Kushner, the Russian Federation, Wikileaks and others. The gist of the action is that Team Trump had worked with dark cronies like Russian oligarchs, WikiLeaks, Cambridge Analytica, et al. to steal the election.

DNC Chairman Tom Perez called it an “act of unprecedented treachery.”

That this move by Perez and the DNC is an act of unprecedented poor sportsmanship is unquestionable. It’s no different than when a child angrily hits the “reset” button on a video game when he’s getting unmercifully beaten by his opponent.

You’d think adults would be embarrassed by this kind of maneuver, but since the election we’ve come to expect such huffy tantrums with even the party’s standard bearer herself unable to take responsibility for the historic election loss.

Among other factors, Clinton or Democrats have blamed the electoral college, misogyny, low-information (think deplorable) voters, Vladimir Putin, sexism, Bernie Sanders, WikiLeaks, racism, journalists for covering Trump, James Comey, Citizens United, husbands and fathers who told the women in their lives not to vote for Hillary Clinton, voter suppression, Clinton campaign staffers, Jill Stein and Facebook.

With the inability to reconcile their own loss or offer Americans clear reasoning as to why the Democratic Party is looking out for its best interests, Dems have resorted to suing their way back to national relevance.


When is enough enough?  With the people running the Democrat Party, and their media accomplices, I doubt we’ll find out any time soon.

Obviously, the Democrat hierarchy thinks this is going to benefit their party in November.  I wonder if they’re right…

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