What is CNN’s definition of a “Republican”?

The first two paragraphs of Jim Stinson’s article for lifezette.com has your answer.

A CNN contributor whom CNN bills as a “Republican consultant” has given more than $18,000 to Democratic candidates since 1997, including thousands to a New Jersey senator currently on trial for corruption charges.

Ana Navarro gave another $2,000 to political action committees known as Democrats Win Seats and Help Elect America’s Team.

That’s a Republican?  That’s who CNN pretends will give the other side after a Democrat speaks?

And, yes, this is the same ana navarro who was on CNN just two weeks ago, telling its no-doubt happily receptive audience, that President Trump is “unfit to be a human”.

Her exact words, with full context:

“He’s not only unfit to be President, in my book his lack of empathy, his lack of leadership, his lack of courage, he’s unfit to be a human”

Doubt me?  Here is the video. The above quote starts at :55.

Yep, that certainly is the Republican side of things all right.

Do the people over at CNN – who trot out ana navarro as a “Republican” voice – still think it’s unfair for Donald Trump and other Republicans – real Republicans – to tag them as purveyors of “fake news”?

Are they serious?

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