For weeks (months, actually – the calls just got louder recently) facebook.com, founded by Mark Zuckerberg, has been accused of tailoring its “trending news” to benefit Hillary Clinton and damage Donald Trump.

And Mr. Zuckerberg has emphatically denied this was true.

Except….he has just fired the entire trending news team – all 15 – 18 of them – and is replacing them with what is purported to be a completely neutral algorithm for determining trending news; one which will treat both sides equally.

Alex Pfeiffer, at dailycaller.com, has the story, complete with specific example after specific example of the Democrat/Hillary bias being complained about.

If Zuckerberg’s new system is as promised, it is not a small story.  It is a real blow to the Clinton campaign, because, at least on facebook.com, Ms. Clinton will now have to deal with a level playing field.

What a change that will be.

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