Since the House Judiciary Committee, chaired by the either comical or execrable Jerrold Nadler (he is both – the adjective I use in any given blog depends on my mood) thinks it was more important to bring Corey Lewandowski back for another round of testimony on the same issues he has already testified on multiple times, than to bring in James Comey who – at best – is an unscrupulous defiler of the FBI’s reputation and – at worst – is a felon whose criminal acts attemped to undo a legal presidential election and should be in jail…

When the House Oversight committee brought in Inspector General Michael Horowitz, yesterday, to testify about general operations issues, Republicans siezed the opportunity to question him on his just-issued report about Comey, and other bad players in the election scandal.

Here, from investigative reporter Sara Carter’s account of its goings-on, is part of what they learned:

Republican lawmakers had a rare opportunity to publicly question Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz Wednesday at a House Oversight Subcommittee on Government Operations hearing. The panel – focused mainly on the inspector generals – diverted during the hearing to questions regarding Horowitz’s recently completed report on alleged FISA abuse by the FBI and his recently released scathing report on former FBI Director James Comey.

Further, Horowitz told the panel he has communicated with Connecticut Attorney John Durham, who was appointed by Attorney General William Barr to investigate the FBI’s handling of the probe into President Trump’s campaign.

Under questioning from Rep. Jody Hice, R-Georgia, Horowitz said he had met with Durham but declined to discuss their conversations citing that Durham’s investigation is “a separate entity.

Want to know more about what was asked about – understanding, of course, that there was limited opportunity to question Horowitz on Comey and his pals because the hearing was, at least supposedly, about other matters?  You’ve got the link, read it all…

…and then be as disgusted as I am with the fact that neither Jerrold Nadler, nor the equally execrable Adam Schiff, who chairs the House Intelligence Committee, is not calling comey, or Horowitz, or any of the others to investigate what amounts to a coup attempt against the legally elected President of the United States.

Let’s hope that the Horowitz report, and the Durham report, are released as soon as possible.  And if Comey, and McCabe, and Clapper, and Brennan and the others are as guilty as they seem to be, the full weight of punishment comes down on them.

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