I just watched a report by Leigh Ann Caldwell on this morning’s Today show, telling me about how many women have been newly elected to the House of Representatives.

Very nice story.  Except…

…Ms. Caldwell started by telling us that Republicans had gained 7 House seats in this year’s election.  That is untrue.

So far, they have gained 8 seats, with an additional 8 seats yet to be called – and Republicans leading in all of them, several by seemingly insurmountable margins – so much so that in one of them (NY’s 11th district) Democrat incumbent Max Rose has already conceded.

Even if Republicans win just half of the races they currently lead in, their total gain will be 12 seats;

Then, at the end of the report Ms. Caldwell told us that all of the 10 seats Republicans gained were won by women and minorities.  That has to be confusing to anyone who heard her “7 seat” comment at the beginning of the report.

The problem?  She left out the fact that it was because, according to her (incorrect, as noted earlier) calculation, 10 seats seats were flipped – i.e. won from districts currently held by Democrats – but three Republican seats flipped from Republican to Democrat, which dropped it back to her (incorrect) total of 7.

That was sloppy, incorrect, incomplete reporting.

I have not seen much of Leigh Ann Caldwell, but I hope she is usually better than this.

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