Following is a short clip of California House member and former Presidential hopeful (until he realized he was just about his only supporter) Eric Swalwell, on Chris Matthews’ “Hardball” show last night.

Listen closely and decide whether, at about the 0:07 second mark. you hear anything other than Mr. Swalwell’s voice.


Hmmmm.  Was the offender Eric (that’s my bet) or Chris?  Neither of them are admitting to the emission (that’s the polite version).  But it had to be one of them.

When we were kids, and farting (that’s the impolite version) was not only commonplace, it was something of an art form, we used to call the ones that you could smell but not hear, SBDs (Silent Bud Deadly).

This, however, was an LAO (Loud And Obvious).

The saddest part?  It made more sense than what Swalwell was saying.

Maybe, in honor of his, er, performance, and what was sure to be the olfactory result, he should change his name from Eric Swalwell to Eric Smelunwell.

Or, if it turns out that he isn’t the culprit, how about Chris Matthpews?

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