On February 17th, The Nation of Islam (NOI) celebrates “Saviours’ Day”, which commemorates the birth of “Master Fard Muhammad”, who started the movement which eventually morphed into its current state.

And what is its current state?  Extreme hate of the United States, extreme hate of White people and extreme hate of Jews.

The featured speaker at this “event” is going to be louis farrakhan – a career purveyor of every one of those hatreds and, I am sure, more as well.

Where will it take place?  At the Chicago United Center – a leading venue of the city – home stadium for the NBA’s Chicago Bulls, the NHL’s Chicago Blackhawks, and a variety of other major events, concerts, etc.

If you click here, you will see a list of its upcoming events – among them Saviours’ Day, with farrakhan’s beaming face looking back at you.

Would the Chicago United Center agree to host an event featuring a White racist like, for example. David Duke?  We both know the answer.

So what is the Chicago United Center telling us by agreeing to host an event featuring a Black racist and anti-Semite like louis farrakhan.

Is the Chicago United Center telling us that racism and anti-Semitism is acceptable, as long as a Black organization is the source of the racism and anti-Semitism?

How does United Airlines – which pays millions to be part of this stadium’s name – feel about this?

How do its co-owners, William “Rocky” Wirtz and Jerry Reinsdorf (both White, Reinsdorf Jewish) feel about their stadium being used as a venue for a hate group of this kind?

Do not expect any of these questions to be answered by any of the parties I’m mentioned…..which, sad to say, is an answer in itself.

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