Did you know that, despite ending the “deal” President Barack Obama made with Iran, President Trump tossed (what is supposed to be) a temporary lifeline to this sick, terrorism-supporting country by waiving sanctions for eight countries so they could continue purchasing Iranian oil?

Well, those sanctions are ending.  And the Trump administration has to decide whether they will be extended – a decision which, obviously, will affect Iran’s ability to continue its activities.

From Adam Kredo’s article at freebeacon.com:

Iranian leaders are betting on the Trump administration to cave in on a key piece of its tough new sanctions aimed at choking off the Islamic Republic’s access to lucrative crude oil markets, according to multiple sources who spoke to the Washington Free Beacon.

The Trump administration has been stuck in a tricky diplomatic situation following its decision last year to grant eight countries waivers permitting them to continue purchasing Iranian crude oil, a decision that riled many Iran hawks on Capitol Hill who argued the administration was leaving the Islamic Republic with a key financial lifeline.

With the waivers due to expire in May, several nations are already beginning to lay the groundwork for the issuance of new oil waivers, a move being celebrated by Tehran and met with outrage among U.S.-based Iran hawks who want President Donald Trump to follow through on his promise of placing maximum pressure on Iran.

While the United States has not ruled out new waivers for these countries, officials have made clear that this is not the preferred course of action. However, there appear to be some elements of the administration who would like to see these countries given yet another pass to avoid a dustup with European allies still hungry to do business with Iran.

Can Mr. Kredo possibly be correct?  Is the potential stumbling block really that Europe – which Mr. Trump had no problem going up against on its recalcitrance in paying NATO dues – might want to buy from the Tehran terrorists?

The United States currently is the world’s single largest producer of energy.  I would like to think this give us significant leverage in dealing with Europe on whether it supports the Iranian economy.

I hope – expect – that he will use it.  Full-force.

We’ll see.

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