Let’s think about this.

-The border is a sieve, through which millions of illegals stream into our country.

-The asylum laws effectively enable them to tell authorities they will show up for a hearing, which over 90% never show up for.

-Mexico is enabling illegals to enter their southern border…as long as they keep on going and leave to become illegals in the United States.  For a while it seemed as though Mexico was trying to prevent this from happening, but, clearly, it is not doing any such thing.

-Democrats refuse to support any tightening of the asylum laws.  They refuse to fund a border wall (the one they avidly supported prior to Mr. Trump becoming president).  They advocate for illegals to be able to vote in elections.  And they fight any Voter ID laws, thus making it as easy as possible for illegals to vote – including in federal elections.

So will President Trump close the US-Mexico border?

That remains to be seen.

Is President Trump justified in threatening to close the border?

You tell me.


  • U.S. Constitution
    Article IV, Section 4

    The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union
    a Republican Form of Government,
    and shall protect each of them against Invasion;

    • For our Democrat friends that may read Zeke’s comment, that means Yes, Trump has the right.
      I thought I should make it clear since those on the Left have a hard time understanding the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

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