Have you noticed – I’m sure you have – that Donald Trump constantly deals in superlatives?  Positive ones and negative ones.

People he is talking up are “fantastic”, “incredible”, etc.  And people he is talking down are “failed”, “losers”, etc.  There’s no in-between.

Speaking this way destroys his credibility, because it doesn’t make any sense.

In that connection, I am going to post a small swatch of dialogue from the great 1960 movie, “Inherit The Wind”, in which Rachel Brown, a schoolteacher who was unfairly humiliated on the witness stand by Matthew Harrison Brady, confronts Brady’s wife, Sarah:

Rachel Brown: I taught my pupils that Matthew Harrison Brady was a great man…next to God, almost.  What do you want me to teach them now?

Sarah Brady:  He’s still the same man.

RB:  No, if he could do such an evil thing, then he must be an evil man, and everything he stands for must be evil, too.

SB:  Oh, stop it! stop it!  Youth can be so pure.  What do you know of good or evil

what do you understand of the sum of a man’s life?

RB: He betrayed me.

SB: You betrayed yourself.  You see my husband as a saint, and so he must be right in everything he says and does.

And then you see him as a devil, and everything he says and does must be wrong.

Well, my husband’s neither a saint nor a devil. He’s just a human being…and he makes mistakes.

Sarah Brady, in defending her husband, taught Rachel Brown a valuable lesson:  when you talk about human beings, do not talk in absolutes.

How I wish Donald Trump would watch that scene.  Several times.   What a benefit it would be to him.

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