On Friday, David Holmes – who, until now, has been a nondescript member of our diplomatic staff –  is scheduled to testify before the adam schiff-led House Intelligence Committee.

And, schiff has ruled this testimony will be behind closed doors.

Closed doors for David Holmes?  Wow, he must have some hot stuff to offer.  Maybe even classified material.  Why else would this be hidden from the public.


…this, we are told, is what he is bringing to the table:

-A claim that on July 26th, the day after President Trump’s telephone call with Ukraine President Zelensky, Holmes overheard President Trump ask EU Ambassador Gordon Sondland, about the investigations Trump was supposed to have demanded (which, it should be pointed out, the call transcript shows he didn’t demand at all).

Yes, this is the next piece of the Democrats’ puzzle.  Holmes’ claim that he heard Trump ask about investigations – without saying anything impeachable – on a telephone call to Gordon Sondland which Holmes happened to be sitting near; a pretty neat trick, given that he would have had to hear Trump’s voice through the phone Sondland was holding.

Tell me:  how blatantly ridiculous must this get before our media, many of which have, until now, joined with Democrats in a desperate attempt to make something meaningful out of it – give up and acknowledge what a complete farce this “impeachment inquiry” is?

Will David Holmes’ be the final straw?

I wish I could say yes.  But there is a perceived credibility issue getting in the way:  i.e. so much of our media are in so deep, have gone so far beyond neutral reporting to protect and defend this obvious farce, that they may feel they can’t admit it at this late date, that it would make them look too bad.

In other words, they have to continue damaging their credibility, because to stop doing so would…damage their credibility.

That is a very, very bad place to be.

In any event, I guess we’ll soon find out whether Holmes’ “I heard Trump through someone else’s phone, ask about investigations without saying he demanded them” testimony causes a few of them to turn the corner.

I have zero confidence it will.

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