Why trump won in 2016, and why republicans just might do the same in 2018

Today’s Democrat Party.  It just doesn’t seem to learn.

From Bill Barrow and Thomas Beaumont’s article for the Associated Press:

A single-payer health care advocate in South Texas. A gun restriction supporter in Dallas. Cheerleaders in Arkansas and Iowa for public option health care.

Weeks into the primary season, Democrats’ midterm class is shaping up to test what liberal messages the party can sell to the moderate and GOP-leaning voters who will help determine control of the House after the November election.

It’s not one size fits all, with every candidate checking every box wanted by the activists driving the opposition to President Donald Trump and the GOP Congress, and Democratic voters typically aren’t tapping the most liberal choices in targeted districts. But, taken together, the crop of nominees is trending more liberal than many of the “Blue Dog” Democrats swept away in Republicans’ 2010 midterm romp.

“You have ballpark 60 districts as diverse as Kansas and Staten Island. One bumper-sticker message will be self-defeating,” said former congressman Steve Israel of New York, who led Democrats’ national House campaign in 2012.

 In other words, say this here, that there, give the people what you think they want, and don’t worry about the fact that you may be contradicting yourself from congressional district to congressional district.

The point is winning, not having any consistent message for the voters.  Be whatever you have to be.  Principles?  We don’t need no steenkin’ principles.

Same old same old. Business as usual.  Tried and true….until it stopped working, that is; a reality the Democrat Party refuses to face.

Donald Trump won in 2016 precisely because voters rejected this kind of tired, dishonest political crap. And a repeat performance of the same is going to maximize prospects for Republicans to do the same in 2018.

Well, it’s their party.

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