Why should we blame the National Rifle Assocation (NRA) for nikolas cruz committing the massacre at Parkland High School?

Here, excerpted from today’s editorial in the New York Post, is your answer:

After four troubling incidents, the state Department of Children and Families opened a September 2016 investigation that noted Cruz’s interest in buying a gun but concluded he was a low risk for harm.

And the FBI admits it got a Jan. 5 tip-line warning about “Cruz’s gun ownership, desire to kill people, erratic behavior and disturbing social-media posts, as well as the potential of him conducting a school shooting” — but failed to share the info with its Miami field office. Agents did visit the Mississippi blogger who reported Cruz’s “I’m going to be a professional school shooter” comment on a YouTube video — but dropped it when the blogger said he knew nothing about the commenter.

Meanwhile, his high schools disciplined Cruz at least 25 times over the last three years; Stoneman even sent him to an alternative school.

And his unsettling actions began in middle school, with threatening statements, disturbing pictures and classmates bumped in the halls. It got so bad that some teachers even went so far as to ban Cruz from their classrooms. “Looking in his eyes, he just looked like there was a problem,” one teacher told The Washington Post.

(Ironically, Broward County won Team Obama praise for its schools’ embrace of “restorative justice” policies that offer counseling and other social services in lieu of reporting bullying, assault, drug abuse and so on to the police.)

Many students raised alarms: Cruz’s friend Ariana Lopez told ABC she repeatedly warned school officials of his behavior, such as selling knives at school. On social media, “he posted pictures of like 15 or more firearms just on his bed like this was normal, like you could even see a hamper in the background,” she said, adding that he talked of killing their friends and parents.

THAT’S why you blame the NRA. Now do you underst….

….uh, what’s that you say?  You just read a list of people who did nothing when they absolutely, unequivocally knew nikolas cruz was going to explode and commit violent acts, including murder, and you didn’t see one hint that the NRA had a thing to do with it?

Oh, OK.  Sorry.  Never mind.

Let me end by pointing out that I do not write this as a member of the NRA.  I have never been one and never will.

But I do value honesty,  and I do value the concept of blaming guilty parties when something like this happens.

What I don’t value is setting up a BS, politically-inspired bogeyman to attack, while leaving all the real factors that caused this horror to stay in place – thus maximizing the likelihood that it will happen again.  And again.  And again.

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  • How did this guy get chance after chance when we read of 5 year olds being kicked out of school for having a pastry that looks like a gun Or drawing a picture with a gun in it?

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