Want to see/hear a very successful businessman, media mogul and politician tell you why Michael Bloomberg has no business running for President?

That he’s too old (79 when he took office), wouldn’t want to campaign for the next year and a half, and that, to run, he’d have to change all his views and go on an “apology tour”?

OK, here it is:

That’s a pretty damning indictment of Michael Bloomberg running for President, isn’t it?

The problem, however, is that the person saying it is…Michael Bloomberg.

And this explanation of why he shouldn’t be a candidate was voiced just last March, little more than a half year ago.

I have a feeling Mr. Bloomberg’s opponents will be featuring this video prominently, as they attempt to counteract the blizzard of $$$ Bloomberg is spending (estimates are now as high as $37 million, just for the introductory phase) to buy the nomination from them…

…and I don’t blame them a bit if they do.  You can’t buy material like this at any price.

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