Why isn’t Lisa Page in jail?

lisa page – Trump hater and mistress of/conspirator with peter strzok, was subpoenaed to appear before two house committees today.

She did not show up.

The reason, she claimed through her lawyer,  was that she did not have enough time to review the materials associated with the subpoena.

But now we find out, via Rep. Mark Meadows, that she did review those materials.  That makes her, in addition to everything else, a liar.

Why has this lowlife not been arrested? Why is she not in jail? Ditto for her lover, peter strzok.

And why does Jeff sessions, arguably the most useless Attorney General in United States history, still have his job?

I won’t ask why mainstream media have not been on top of this for months. Because we all know the answer – that a large percentage of those media have long since foregone objectivity and operate as adjuncts of the Democrat resistance.

This farce has gone from laughable to pathetic to sick.  It has to end.  ASAP.

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