The title is the blog.

And, after experiencing CNN’s version of “news” related to President Trump, we both know the answer.


UPDATE:  CNN – which kathy griffin has  co-hosted New Year’s Eve coverage on for the last 10 or so years with Anderson Cooper – now has put out a statement saying:

“We are evaluating our New Year’s Eve coverage and have made no decisions at this point,”

That’s quite a stand, guys.  You still have your fingers in the air, trying to gauge the damage before making your decision?

Here’s the deal, CNN:  it is no longer relevant.

By putting out that statement instead of dumping griffin immediately, you have inherently told us that this is not a moral issue to you, it is a business decision.  Therefore, it doesn’t matter what you do any more.

I wonder if Anderson Cooper will have the integrity to go public and tell CNN that, if she’s there, he won’t be.


FURTHER UPDATE:  Now the news is that CNN has severed ties with Griffin (though I do not see it on the network’s website).  And something called “Squatty Potty”, a bathroom stool users put their feet on while sitting on the toilet to help squeeze things out, has ended its endorsement deal with her as well.

There are about a dozen obvious jokes to be made here, none of which I care to put up at the moment.  I’ll just settle for being happy that, this one time, a left wing hater is not getting a free pass.

But all is not lost for griffin.  With the kind of material she is comfortable with, maybe (speaking of left wing haters who get free passes) there’s a regular gig on the Steve Colbert show in store for her.

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