ilhan omar, the virulent anti-Semite, and home-wrecker, who pays six-figure fees to the man who she now cohabitates with – the one whose marriage she broke up – illegally married her own brother to get him into the country.

Yet ilhan omar remains in the House of Representatives, she remains uncharged with any offenses, and Democrats -who would be howling for the head of any Republican who did this or anything like it – are looking the other way, so the virulent anti-Semite and home-wrecker can stay right where she is.

Here is the latest exposé – to pile on top of all the others we have seen for the past year (I wrote this less than three weeks ago) – this one from Martin Gould’s article for London’s Daily Mail:

  • Ilhan Omar told friends years ago that the man who went on to become her second husband was in fact her brother, DailyMail.com can confirm
  • Abdihakim Osman is the first person to go on record to speak of how Omar said she wanted to get her brother papers so he could stay in the United States 
  • Omar was married to her second husband Elmi in 2009 by a Christian minister – although she is Muslim 
  • She was first married to Ahmed Hirsi in 2002 in a Muslim ceremony, before they split in 2008 – but she later had another child with Hirsi while legally wed to Elmi 
  • Osman said: ‘When [Hirsi] and Ilhan got married, a lot of people were invited. It was a big Islamic wedding uniting two large clans in the community’
  • He added: ‘When she married Elmi, no one even knew about it… No one knew there had been a wedding until the media turned up the certificate years later’ 

Please, please read Mr. Gould’s entire article – and Rick Moran’s article at pjmedia.com –  to get all the details.

Oh, did I mention that she apparently also filed joint federal tax returns with her “husband” when they were not married?  That’s a felony.

What does this hate-filled sack of manure have to do for media to report this – in particular, her hometown Minneapolis Star-Tribune, which seems determined to protect  omar no matter what offenses she commits or what she is accused of?

ilhan omar should be out of congress and in a court room.  And that cannot come one second too soon.


  • As a retired Federal Law Enforcement Supervisor… I am ashamed of our Justice system and of the agents investigating Ilhan Omar…. Clear case of CRIMINAL Activity… This case should have been closed YEARS Ago… D.C. is sending a poor message to the American People that Truly some people are ABOVE THE LAW. I KNOW FOR A FACT THAT AGENTS WANT TO DO WHAT IS RIGHT… However some one is HOLDING THEM back….

    • Unfortunately until the good agents come forward we will never get the rot out of the intel agencies.

  • The good agents are there… If it were my team I would have done what was according to our LAWS long long ago…. Probably would have been FIRED… for doing so… 39 yrs a cop both city Police and Federal… There is really something wrong with this situation..Where is Trump… That’s the question here…. I know that there are GREAT AGENTS wanting to do what is right.. But when it comes to D.C. POLITICS RULES NOT LAW ENFORCEMENT..SAD BUT TRUE.. It would be a GRAND STATEMENT TO ALL AMERICAN’S when JUSTICE takes place to Finally bring the ELITE out of our AMERICAN GOVERNMENT…. LETS HOPE..

    • Amen. I forgot to tell you, Thank you Lt. T very much for your service, this country owes you and your brothers much more than you get.

      • When I was a cop in NYPD I would work alone most of the time… I would arrest person(s) breaking laws… Taking them through the process.. We used to call it the ‘ MAN ‘ But as a Federal enforcement officer.. Cases were issued to us… Not the same thing as a BEAT COP. Under Supervison please understand the difference… I MISS being a old NYPD COP.. With is going on in D.C. IS 100 percent POLITICAL…. I can tell you this when I had enough… I walked into the Directors office and told him to make the call that I was out… Two hours later I was retired… Never looked back, never called anyone again…. I WAS FREE!!!!! DO NOT HOLD YOUR BREATH. On I lham O mar… It’s a free pass for now. Until she is used as a sacrificial peace of meat in the near future… HONOR AND RESPECT MR. OR MRS. FREE..

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