As you may be aware, this week Hillary Clinton came out of hibernation to tell us that Democrats can’t be civil with Republicans until Republicans act civilly (evidently she considers screaming vile insults and harassing Republicans in the halls of congress, on the street and in restaurants to be a level of civility they no longer should be afforded), and former Attorney General Eric Holder said “When they go low, we kick them”.

Last night, Lindsey Graham was on Fox News Channel’s The Voice, hosted by Martha McCallum. And this is part of what he had to say about these comments:

“I would say that if you think what happened to Brett Kavanaugh was civil, we have a definite different view of what civil means. Civil means that you do not destroy a good man because you want power. You don’t hide the evidence and ambush him, you don’t turn to the Avenattis of the world and allow accusations completely unfounded. You tell Dr. Ford, ‘Hey we would go to California’ .

“So, you know, Michelle Obama said ‘when they go low, we go high.’ Here’s my view of the Democratic Party regarding Kavanaugh: going low is a step up for you. You are in the gutter in terms of the Democratic Party’s approach to Kavanaugh.

“I voted for Sotomayor and Kagan. I can’t imagine I would do to them what they tried to do to Kavanaugh. Keep it up, keep it up Mr. Holder, keep doing what you’re doing and see how the American people like this.

“This is the number one issue I think for America in November. Do you agree with what they did to Brett Kavanaugh? Do you believe that what they did was okay? If you believe it was okay vote Democrat. If you thought it was despicable, vote for us.”

As always, intelligent, fact-based, plain-spoken and logical – all four attributes being harder and harder to find in politics.

Please, Senator Graham, keep talking.

And please, Hillary Clinton and Eric Holder, put a sock in it.  Just because mainstream media gives you a free pass on whatever you say, however low you go, doesn’t make it acceptable.

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