On Monday, I blogged about the Monmouth University poll, showing Joe Biden, who started his presidential campaign far ahead of the pack, in a virtual dead heat with Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren.

WithIn that blog, I posted the following paragraph:

In reading this, remember again that political polling can be notoriously inaccurate (Hillary can tell you a lot about this) and that, even if the above data are exactly correct things can change very quickly (ask Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke and Peter Buttigieg)

I point this out because these other polls, all taken about the same time as Monmouth’s, have now been released:

Poll                   Biden     Sanders     Warren

Economist         31%          24%           15%

Quinnipiac        32             15               19

The Hill             30             17               14

USA Today        32             12               14

Politico             33             20                15

CNN                  29             15                14

They look a little different than Monmouth University’s virtual tie, wouldn’t you say?

I post political poll data because most people want to see them, and because you can get decent information by looking at how individual polls move from one wave of interviewing to the next.

But as for the totals themselves?  In the words of my sainted grandmother, “Feh”.


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