Did I like what then-candidate Donald Trump said about John McCain not being a war hero?

No, I very definitely did not.  Just as I very definitely did not like the nasty, personal, often childishly immature comments he made about a good many other of his opponents – maybe all of them.  It is a terrible, apparently incurable failing of Mr. Trump that always makes him look small.

But am I going to get excited over the rehashing of that comment now that John McCain has passed away?  No, I am not.

I will explain why, by putting up a few quotes, then summarizing:

-“I have tremendous respect for McCain but I don’t buy the war hero thing,” Franken wrote in an essay about the 2000 elections. “Anybody can be captured. I thought the idea was to capture them. As far as I’m concerned he sat out the war.”:  Al Franken, from an essay written in 2000.

-“John McCain’s a WAR HERO (That Got CAPTURED). Motherfucker Been Telling the Same Story for 40 Fucking Years. Fuck That! I Don’t Wanna Vote for the Guy Who Got Captured! I Wanna Vote for the Guy Who Got Away!”: Chris Rock, from a 2008  standup “comedy” performance.

-“John McCain is a racist”:  Too many references from Democrats to mention.

Did you ever hear even one word attacking Al Franken and Chris Rock for their comments about McCain’s war record -which way pre-dated Trump’s – or the multitudes of McCain’s political opponents for calling him a racist (which, for the record, were not unfounded:  check out what he called his Vietnamese prison guards)?

No you did not.

But then there was this:

-“He’s not a war hero. He’s a war hero because he was captured. I like people that weren’t captured.”:  Donald Trump, 2016 during the primary campaign – as a sarcastic joke (to audience laughter) after pointing out that he supported McCain in the past.

(Do you doubt that Mr. Trump’s comment about John McCain’s war record was made as a sarcastic joke?  Then watch the video and see/hear for yourself.)

So: should I get excited over Donald Trump’s comment about John McCain?  Or should I brush it off, while pointing out that the Trump opponents who are getting excited over it a bunch of phony hypocrites?

I don’t think so.

Your call.


  • I heard it from a friend of a friend’s enemy that Trump drinks kitties blood while the kittens are still alive. I don’t really care though I’m a dog person.

  • There is a US Navy vessel named USS John S. McCain (DDG-56), an Arleigh Burke-class destroyer.
    Launched September 26, 1992, and currently in service. She was originally named after John S. McCain, Sr., and John S. McCain, Jr., both admirals in the United States Navy who commanded ships in World War II.

    For some reason, on 11 July 2018, Senator John S. McCain III was included in the ‘naming rededication’ on 11 July 2018.

  • Every time the government bombs a country, bans free speech, confiscates guns, wiretaps people, seizes property, tortures, and kills people then you are responsible.

    Silence means consent.

    You would be naive to think that the government won’t get worse or that you will never be a victim of government abuse.

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