The answer to that question is because Democrats, earlier this year, via  cloture (which requires 60 votes to overcome) blocked passage of BASPA (The Born Alive Survivor Survivors Protection Act).

Every Republican voted in favor of this bill.  But Democrats voted 41 “nay”, 2 “yea”, and 3 “no vote”.  That is why it failed.

From Emily Zanotti’s article for dailywire.com:

President Trump Announces ‘Born Alive’ Executive Order Guaranteeing Medical Treatment To Infants That Survive Abortion

President Donald Trump announced Wednesday that he will sign an executive order guaranteeing medical care to infants who survive failed abortion attempts, bringing the weight of the federal government behind the Born Alive Act.

“Today I am announcing that I will be signing the Born-Alive Executive Order to ensure that all precious babies born alive, no matter their circumstances, receive the medical care that they deserve. This is our sacrosanct moral duty,” Trump said.

And what is BASPA?  What does it say? What is so objectionable about it that Democrats fought successfully to prevent it for passage, thus causing President Trump to issue his executive order?

Well, here’s what the bill says (the full extents of the legislation can be found by clicking here):


To amend title 18, United States Code, to prohibit a health care practitioner from failing to exercise the proper degree of care in the case of a child who survives an abortion or attempted abortion.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled,


This Act may be cited as the “Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act”.


Congress finds the following:


Did you read that carefully?  Please read it again, just to be sure.

As you can see, it says that if an abortion is attempted, and it fails – i.e. it results in the birth of a live child – the child has to be treated like the live child that it is.  Every effort must be made to keep the child alive and well.

I have been writing about Democrats’ aversion to this bill – their insistence that a live child be treated as what it is, a live child, for years (it was originally called BAIPA (the Born Alive Infant Protection Act).  But the latest attempt, BASPA just eventuated this year.  You can read my blog about it from February, by  clicking here.

What possible reason can Democrats have had for fighting this legislation?  The most frequent mention is that it somehow inhibits women’s abortion rights.

That is patently absurd on its face.  Whatever the woman’s intention was, this act has nothing whatsoever to do with her right to have an abortion.  It only involves children who have already been born and are out of the womb.

So what is the point of contention?  That a live child should die for the crime of daring to survive an abortion attempt?

And, not incidentally, if a child is born alive during an unsuccessful abortion, does it not inherently follow that the child was alive in the first place, and that the “abortion” was, in reality the killing of that live child?  That’s a little something you might want to think about.

So thank you, President Trump, for signing this executive order.  My only complaint is that you didn’t do it the day after Democrats dumped BASPA.

And eternal shame to every member of the senate who voted against it.  You can rationalize it any way you like, but the fact is that your vote was in favor of infanticide, pure and simple.

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  • Hard to believe we have been talking about this issue in here for more than 13 years. I wonder how many live babies were left to die in that time.

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