Yes, I know that Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi have spent the last three years attacking  President Trump and calling him pretty much every vile name in the book Рparticularly Pelosi.

And, yes, I can understand that would infuriate someone like Trump and he might go overboard in responding.

But there have to be some kind of limits.

And putting this up on his twitter account…

View image on Twitter


far, far exceeds those limits.  It is shameful and it is stupid.

You are a 73 year old man, Mr. Trump.  Can you please stop allowing yourself to be goaded into acting like a 7 year old with emotional problems.


  • Is it possible that Mr. Trump has a carefully planned Strategy?

    Presently I know of no one who is not completely fatigued by the obvious stupidity and Lies Of the democrats .

    And I know of no one who does not abhor Trump’s Twitter Snark – Even Though it has been very effective in getting his message out. Donald is a master counter Puncher.

    Prediction :
    We will see a kinder gentler sweeter Donald Trump before election day.
    Perhaps This might even be enhanced by comments from Melinia.

    • I thought this may be an act and after he wins his 2nd term will see a more dignified Trump.
      Then I realized we are talking about Donald Trump
      meglo-ego-maniac [i know it isn’t a word] extraordinaire.

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