Did you know that the Wisconsin held its primary election yesterday?  And that it – of course – was a fiasco?

You might ask why Wisconsin would do such a thing, given that we are in what generally is believed to be the apex of the COVID-19 crisis, thus many polling places either didn’t open or were understaffed, and everyone who came out to vote was risking exposure to others who might have the virus.

The answer, as noted in Steve Peoples and Scott Bauer’s article for the Associated Press, probably, is that, along with the primaries, there was a real election – for a seat on the State Supreme Court – in which, it was believed (with strong justification) that lower turnout, especially in minority areas, would benefit the more conservative candidate.

This, it seems pretty clear, is why Democrats were pushing to postpone the vote, and Republicans went to the wall to keep it where it was.

Did Republicans get what they wanted?  We won’t know until there is a final count next week.  But, if so, this was an ugly way to get it which, I am sure, will be remembered long after the votes are counted.  And should be.

I urge you to use the above link and read Mr. Peoples’ and Mr. Bauer’s entire article.  It paints a very disturbing picture of how hardball politics is played – one that you should be aware of.

I often write about Democrat dirty political tricks.  This is another proof that they ain’t the only ones.  Not by a long shot.

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